Malaysia! You can pre-order your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge from 3 April

Samsung's all-metal and curvy smartphones are coming soon, with prices starting from RM2599 (without contract)

With slightly more than two weeks till the official 17 April release of Samsung's new superphones, you'll have a chance to make sure there's one waiting for you come release day.

From 3 April, all major high street retailers will have the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge available for pre-order. Samsung has said that the customers who pre-order their device from Samsung or from the Samsung Experience Store will have the opportunity to pick up their new phone a day early on 10 April.

Without a contract, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be priced from RM2599 and RM3099 respectively for the 32GB version. You've got to act fast, because pre-orders will end on 12 April.

Likewise, Malaysia telcos will be bundling the Samsung smartphones with their plans. As of now, Celcom was the first to reveal the contract prices of both devices, with the S6 tagged at RM1088 and S6 Edge at RM1488.

We've already spent some extensive time with the S6 and S6 Edge to give you the full details, and we're slightly more excited about the curvy S6 Edge. It's one of the most innovative phones we've seen this year, entering curvy screen territory alongside the LG G Flex 2. Most flagship smartphones have become a little stale with their uniformities, so this new eye-catching design is something new we're rather looking forward to.

The S6 is going to be a fantastic phone in its own right, packing lots of features into a very attractive package in their new plastic-less metal chassis, which also happens to be just lighter than the S5. The Edge is that and more, with special widgets which have the potential to make the wraparound screen be more than just eye candy.

More helpful in the night than the day, you can preset it to display a night clock, or illuminate in different colours when the phone rings letting you know exactly who's calling you. Samsung's even invented a new way to hang up - the new Edge houses a fingerprint sensor next to the camera that you can press to quickly reject the call.

Why it's smart to pre-order

Getting the phone is just one part of the equation. Because you would want to use the wireless charging feature. And to do that, you'll need the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad. Which, by the way, will be given to all successful pre-order customers.