Malaysia, this is how you get your iPhone 6s/6s Plus from Celcom

Celcom reluctant to allow online preorders

In an unusual turn of events, Celcom has decided to make iPhone 6s preorders walk-in only. Unlike its competitors, it is eschewing online purchases and instead listed Blue Cube outlets where preorders could be made. Malaysian Wireless got a copy of the Celcom plans and at first glance, the prices aren't the cheapest and the plans come with a minimum upfront fee of RM650 and a RM1,000 penalty (RM2,000 for the First Elite plan) for early contract termination.


Why so secret?

Customers need to pay an upfront refundable deposit of RM300 on making preorders. Celcom is also only offering 24 month plans for the devices, with the phones being the cheapest if you signup for the First Elite plan, which unfortunately requires a hefty RM235 a month commitment.

The First Basic 85 and First Basic 85 Max all will see you pay RM85 and RM135 a month respectively.



Is this Celcom deal for you? On paper, the RM85 plan isn't the cheapest plan though, with both Maxis and DiGi offering cheaper alternatives, but with higher RRPs. Curiously, also, Celcom isn't offering or at least, promoting any special extras the way Maxis and DiGi are, with expedited delivery and rebate offers.

Perhaps it might have something to do with TM's mysterious announcement, thus necessitating Celcom's dialling down the iPhone hype. We'll just have to see.

[Source: Malaysian Wireless]