Lionsgate is opening its own movie theme park in S. Korea

Twilight and The Hunger Games theme park rides are going to be a thing

As the Harry Potter theme park seems to be working out for Universal, Lionsgate is also jumping on the theme park bandwagon by building its own Lionsgate Movie World in South Korea.

1.3 million sq ft of fun

The park will on Jeju Island, part of the Jeju Shinhwa World luxury resort. What's there to see across 1.3 million square feet?

Well there'll be seven different zones dedicated to specific films. There's Twilight, The Hunger Games as well as the Now You See Me franchise (apparently magic-themed), and even one for the upcoming Robin Hood film.

Of course there'll be rides but apart from that Lionsgate promises the ability to "experience actual movie scenes" thanks to recreated environments. There'll also be themed restaurants and live performances.

So when's a good time to book you trip to South Korea? The park will only be open in 2019, but there's plenty of other fun experiences to look forward to in the meantime such as the Star Wars Galaxy Edge experience.

[Source: The Verge]