LG will spoil you for choice with 4K TVs in 2015

Ditch that full HD TV when LG's latest home entertainment lineup comes to town
In 2015, LG will bring 4K and wireless audio to your living room

Spend your final moments with that full HD TV in your living room, because from what we've seen at LG's InnoFest Asia 2015, it’s about to be relegated by an entire range of LG 4K TVs.

Back at CES 2015, LG gave a sneak preview of its 2015 home entertainment lineup, and there was one key message - ultra HD is now mainstream. Starting from this year, the South Korean company’s TV portfolio gets with the program, with 60% of its new displays supporting 4K resolution.

The key lineup you should take note of is the ColorPrime series, which was first unveiled in Las Vegas. The ultra HD TVs, with a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, are also equipped with In-Plane Switching (IPS) 4K panels. From what we’ve seen, viewing angles are wide and comfortable, while the True Black Control brings out contrast and darker, deeper blacks.

SD, HD and full HD content being played on these 4K TVs aren't a worry either - all of them will enjoy the 4K upscaling. And while full-fat 4K content is still scarce, the new TVs will also support the 4K High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) Decoder, in line with future ultra HD transmission standards.

LG, in collaboration with Harman/Kardon, included a newly improved Ultra Surround System for better audio quality too. In particular, the high-end 65UF9500 ColorPrime 4K ultra HD TV features an integrated Auditorium Stand that fires sound outwards rather than the conventional downward firing systems.

In 2015, LG will bring 4K and wireless audio to your living room

On the OLED spectrum, expect the 65in Floating Art Slim CURVED 4K OLED TV (Model EG9600), 77in Art Slim CURVED 4K OLED TV (Model 77EG9700) and 55in Floating Art Slim CURVED 4K OLED TV (Model 55EG9600) to really wow your peepers. What really impresses is the transparent stand, which gives the illusion of a floating display - hence its name - when left on the TV console.

Fair warning, there’ll be a bit of geek talk here, which gives you a better idea of the new tech that you’re buying into this year. Besides adding a new white sub pixel to enhance colour reproduction, the new TVs also come with Optimized True Color technology to provide colour stability.

Audio-wise, the new OLED TVs are equipped with a 4.2 channel speaker and enhanced with LG’s Ultra Surround System too.

In 2015, LG will bring 4K and wireless audio to your living room

webOS lives on in the LG TVs, which has also been updated to version 2.0 with improvement in speeds and more apps. Unfortunately, the biggest bummer for Asia is the lack of Netflix support, which will stream 4K content straight to the new LG TVs.

Availability and price for the new range of ultra HD TVs, you ask? We're checking in with LG right now and will update this story when more details roll in.

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