Lenovo Air 13 Pro is a more attainable Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air alternative

Yet another Air laptop surfaces for your consideration - this time, it's more likely to be available worldwide

Lenovo had great timing when it came to announcing its Lenovo Air 13 Pro. The super-sleek ultrabook is a great alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air - light and decently specced, but with less RAM.

On paper, the Lenovo Air 13 Pro has some solid specs. With an Intel i5-6200U processor, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX GPU, 4GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD along with a 46Wh battery and 13.3in 1920 x 1080p display, it is pretty decent for an ultrabook. What's not so great is Lenovo's skimped and only included 4GB RAM while the Mi Notebook Air has 8GB. Lenovo does have a slightly bigger battery, but most would probably prefer more RAM to a bigger battery.

Price-wise it's going for US$750 (RM3040), the same price as the Mi Notebook Air. On paper, the Mi Notebook Air is the better buy but Lenovo's Air 13 Pro will have one advantage: it might be available globally as Lenovo rolls its laptops out globally, while Xiaomi might not even sell the notebook outside of China. There's a high likelihood the latter's notebook might be a China-only offering as Xiaomi's current setup might not be able to support a global rollout.

So you could say that if you want a laptop that's light and still be able to play DOTA 2, this isn't a bad bet. We suggest you get a RAM upgrade however or perhaps wait to see if other manufacturers attempt to produce their own 'Air' notebooks.

[Source: GizChina]