Rent A Fake Boyfriend At Lazada Malaysia

Heck, even this article's title sounded sketchy

It's real, and it's weird. Lazada Malaysia is actually renting out fake boyfriends to those who are unwilling to go back home to their family empty handed this Chinese New Year.

The online shopping website dubbed the promotion as "Slash The Lengchai" with several bachelors are available to assist you this lunar new year when your relatives decided to pop The Question during visiting.

What's with the "Slash" gimmick, you ask? Starting from 16 until 18 January 2019, customers can apparently "slash" the price of the featured bachelors from RM8888.88 to RM0 on the Lazada app. The buyer can also get some "slashing" assistance from friends and family to help the scoring by 48 slashes, which seems to be the required number of slashes to win a date at RM0. After that, the company will contact the lucky buyer between 21 and 23 January on further details. Winners will get to spend an afternoon with them on 26 January 2019 only. Cross your fingers Lazada is offering free shipping or returns for this.

Weird? Very. I was advised to label this article as Hot Stuff, but I non-violently declined...