Kodak joins the cryptocurrency game

KodakCoin is a currency aimed at photographers

Kodak has announced that it's creating its own cryptocurrency: KodakCoin.

Digital currency, anyone?

The imaging technology company is partnering with Wenn Digital to launch not just the cryptocurrency but an image rights management platform called KodakOne.

What KodakOne offers is an encrypted digital ledger of rights ownership that will utilise blockchain technology. It will also monitor and protect the IP of the images registered.

Kodak says the new platform would be a way to ensure that photographers are paid fairly for their work.

The initial coin offering will open January 31, 2018 and will be open to investors from select countries.

It's certainly an unusual proposition - a currency specifically for one profession, and created by a country whose reputation was made in imaging. Let's see if other countries also follow suit in creating their own targetted cryptocurrencies.

[Source: Kodak]