Jabra’s Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds are for the health conscious

It’s the world’s first that comes with an integrated heart rate monitor and a companion app
Jabra’s Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds are for the health conscious

More people are using earphones for fitness purposes and Jabra’s banking on that trend for its newly launched Sport Pulse Wireless earphones that feature an integrated heart rate monitor and affiliated Sport Life app.

According to the wireless and corded headsets maker, the earphones are the world’s first stereo earbuds that come with these health-related features, making it an all in one solution meant for sports training purposes.

What it does is combine an in-ear biometric heart rate monitor (yep, it measures it from your earholes so you don’t need those uncomfy wireless chest or wrist based monitors) with a Dolby stereo sound system and real-time voice coaching to enhance your elite training process.

“These earbuds herald the next generation of intelligent audio solutions for fitness fanatics that allows our customers to work out with the confidence of medical precision,” Jabra Consumer Solutions senior vice-president, Darcy Clarkson, said. 

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Hot does it work?

Jabra’s Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds are for the health conscious

What the Android and iOS compatible Sport Life app does is helps you plan, track, and measure your workout – so providing you with the usual calorie, distance, and time statistics – as well as testing your fitness and aerobic capacities.

In addition to that, you can set personalised audio coaching and feedback tips to be barked over the music at key intervals of your workout.

The earphones are also IP55 rated for water (so they’re sweat- and storm-proof), dust, and drop resistance and feature Ergonomic Audio Response Science technology to provide you with a lightweight, comfortable fit.  

Fitness fanatics, the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless go on sale in October for US$199.99 (about RM630). Details for Malaysia will be announced at a later date, and we’ll update you as soon as we get wind of it.

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