It's the real world calling: Vive iOS app lands, puts phone notifications in VR

Won't speed up your pre-order shipping, though

HTC just game iOS phone owners one more reason to give up on real life and stay plugged into VR 24/7.

The official HTC Vive app landed on the iOS App store today, letting you beam text notifications and call alerts straight into your eyeballs.

It turned up briefly before the headset officially went on sale, but disappeared just as quickly. Now it’s back, and this time for good.

Staying connected while you’re in VR is just one of the things that give Vive an edge over its rival, Oculus Rift. Android owners have been able to do it for weeks, but now iOS has caught up.

It was hardly perfect at launch, though: you had to install the mobile app, then add some pretty pointless desktop software to your gaming PC before you could pair it phone and headset together.

Notifications for email or messaging apps didn’t come through when we tried it with an Android phone, and it doesn't look like HTC has fixed that irk for the iOS release. 

Fingers crossed the app will be getting some much-needed updates soon, on both iOS and Android.

A companion app is hardly any consolation for anyone stuck waiting for their Vive to arrive, either. If you didn't make a pre-order in timely fashion, you're probably stuck waiting until June to reach the front of the queue.

Are you one of the lucky ones, and already have your grubby mitts on a Vive? Download the iOS companion app here.