It's now easier to dig for dirt, errr, specific posts on Facebook

No posts will ever escape your scrutiny, now that keyword searches also apply to specific Facebook posts
It's now easier to dig for dirt, errr, specific posts on Facebook

Facebook has updated itself with perhaps one of the most useful and long overdue features ever: searching for specific posts based on keywords.

Facebook has been updating its functionalities very frequently, and the mobile app in particular has been getting better. This time it’ll trawl the names of your friends, titles of photo albums, and post content for keywords and it’s smart enough to look past typos on your part, too. It’s surprising that users didn't make as much of an uproar for this feature, given that this should have been one of the most important to be included.

We’ll let bygones be bygones though, as soon as they update the app for all platforms – yes folks, it’s only available in English for web and iOS at the moment. There isn’t an official word yet as to when the other platforms will get their updates, but it shouldn’t be too long.

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The reason why this feature has come about is all thanks to Facebook’s venture into keyword search: Graph Search. Launched two years ago, it now receives a hefty update, which adds that wonderful feature on Facebook that we, from this day on, probably can’t live without.

Just a reminder though, you can only search posts that have been shared with you – i.e., privacy settings still apply. And as it's still early days, the searches can’t be sorted; you can’t have the app arrange the posts by date yet.

But give it a try anyway. We promise you that you’ll spend the rest of the day henceforth digging for posts. It’s not perfect, but it’s really good.

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