The Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge can be yours...for RM11k

Sure, you'd get bragging rights but there are way cooler things to do with your money

Remember when people could preorder the iPhone 6 Plus for RM7k? Well, DirectD is again making the monied's dreams come true by bringing in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition for those with enough money (and precious little sense).

Specs-wise, the Iron Man special edition doesn't differ much from the vanilla version. But it is a pretty darn impressive looking phone and something Iron Man fans would obssess over.

You can preorder the 64GB flashy piece of kit from DirectD right now. The company does also offer installment plans, but considering the phone will probably be outdated before the year ends, maybe that's not the best investment, just saying?

[Source: SoyaCincau]