An iPhone with wireless charging might finally happen

UPDATE: Only one of the rumoured iPhones might get the feature though

Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone will apparently be very special, and also especially expensive.

UPDATE 13/2/2017: MacRumors just reported new leaks via Japanese blog Mac Otakara. Apparently the super-expensive OLED model will be all glass and also feature wireless charging, but these new features will not be in the IPhone 7s or iPhone 7S Plus models.

The charging will be done via contact-based inductive charging, much like the current Apple Watch and Qi-based charging pads. It's speculated that Apple's been working on its own wireless charging tech instead of relying on third-party tech.

Mac Otakara also reported that Apple will no longer include Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapters with the new iPhones, what with the company now selling two kinds of wireless earphones separately.

The blog has been a decent source for Apple rumours, with it being the first to reveal the Jet Black colour for the iPhone 7. Well, what is certain is the iPhone 8/OLED model will be one to look out for.


OLED attraction

The rumour mill says that there will be incremental iPhone 7S models but also an anniversary 5.8in iPhone 8 that could cost more than US$1000 (RM4439).

Why so many phones and why the price? Apple tends to release incremental updates but seeing as it is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, that might not be enough this year. The special edition iPhone, which will probably be very popular despite the price, is said to have an OLED screen which are far pricier and in limited supply, thus making it harder to produce in larger quantities for cheaper.

Another incentive to go for the pricier iPhone is that it might have certain features, such as a Home button in its screen and instead of side buttons, there iwll be touch-sensitive inlays. Expect a metal frame as well as a glass back.

Also rumoured is Apple incorporating Lumentum's 3D-sensing technology into the phone. Exactly how that will work is a mystery - will it be in the camera for AR? Will it be for facial recognition?

In the meantime, you can check out what we think about Apple's latest, greatest iPhone so far, the iPhone 7 Plus.

[Source: Endgadget]