iPhone-controlled SmartPlane lets us become pilots after all

Take to the air in this miniature iPlane and you'll be terrorising pigeons in no time
iPhone-controlled SmartPlane lets us be pilots after all

Our dreams of being pilots were shattered the day we realised that we were afraid of heights, but a new iGadget means we might be able to earn those wings after all.

The SmartPlane is a Bluetooth-controlled miniature plane which you can control via an easy-to-use iPhone app, and it promises a micro-flying experience that stands out from the already-available quadrotors and RC copters already available.

Built from expanded polypropylene, it's designed with bumps and crashes in mind, for those moments when its in-built auto-adjustments are overcome by your overzealous controls.

The SmartPlane packs in the latest low-power Bluetooth 4.0 standard and a simple tap is all that's needed to pair it to your iPhone.

Its Lithium-Polymer battery provides 30 minutes of flying time on a single charge, (provided you practice your soaring and gliding), or five minutes at full throttle.

It'll juice up again via microUSB in 15 minutes and it can be yours to snap up from smartplane.net.

Happy flying, and give those pigeons hell.