The iPhone 5S and 5C in Malaysia... finally!

After a month long wait, we can finally get our grubby paws on Apple's new smartphones

After slightly more than a month since the initial roll out of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, Malaysians finally had their chance to get their paws on Apple's latest smartphones. With two midnight launches by both DiGi and Celcom, the lines were chock full of eager people, just impatient to get their hands on the new iPhones.

The new iPhone 5S is a big improvement over its predecessor the iPhone 5 with a new A7 64bit dual-core processor, a fingerprint sensor and a brand spanking new OS. The iPhone 5C on the other hand is Apple's first foray in a decidedly younger market. It's everything the iPhone 5 was but with a twist. Eschewing their typical simple colour schemes, Apple has "swallowed" the rainbow, with five different bright colourss. Both phones were also launched with accompanying accessories, including colourful cases for the 5C.

Big crowd and big fans

The big crowd at BlueCube Sunway
Mr and Mrs Abdullah (centre), the first people in line for the iPhone 5S with so
Eager beavers waiting in line at DiGI Centre SS2
Jason Ooi, the first in line for the iPhone 5S at the DiGi centre

The queue for the new phones were already forming by the early morning of launch day with dedicated iFans, eager to be first to get the new iPhones. At the Celcom event at BlueCube Sunway, the line was already forming as early as 8.45 being led by Mr and Mrs Mohd Abdullah. Now that’s what we call dedication. Mr Abdullah, who’s an editor at local satellite broadcaster Astro, said that he’s been eyeing the gold iPhone 5S and wouldn’t just stop there as the iPad Air was also next on his list once it becomes available locally. Celcom also had a treat for their first 100 customers where they could have a go at a spin a wheel game which allowed them to win prizes ranging from discount vouchers to phone cases.

The DiGi side of the launch didn’t see such fanatical dedication, but it was no less packed especially with their Midnight Sale allowing the first 100 customers to get the iPhone 5C 16GB at RM99. The line at the SS2 DiGi Centre had already started at 5.30pm with Jason Ooi, a member of local streetwear brand The Swagger Salon being the first in line eager to get acquainted with the new iPhone 5s' new iSight camera. 

This year held one big surprise as Maxis, another major Malaysian telco, was decidedly absent in holding a launch event for the iPhones. This is in contrast with last year’s iPhone 5 launch, where all three major telcos had ground events celebrating the new phone and their accompanying plans with huge lines forming up at Maxis’ KLCC event. 

So were you iFan enough that you were at the launches last night? Still can't decide whether to upgrade your iPhone 5 to the 5S or switch to the 5C?

Just check out our comparisons between the three phones if you're having trouble deciding. 

Reporting by Sharil Abdul Rahman and Cheryl Bates

iPhone 5S and 5C prices

Here are the official Apple prices for the two iPhones

iPhone 5S

16GB: RM2399

32GB: RM2749

64GB: RM3149

iPhone 5S case: RM149

iPhone 5C

16GB: RM1999

32GB: RM2399

iPhone 5C case: RM109

Stay tuned for our full telco pricing comparisons.