iPad Pro held up due to supply issues?

The much-rumoured gigantic iPad is still a no-show

There's an upcoming announcement from Apple, but it's likely the iPad Pro will not be part of it, says Bloomberg. Apparently sourcing enough parts for the 12.9-inch device has been a problem thus holding back the new device's launch.

The insider told Bloomberg production is most likely to start only in September, specifically because of the challenges involved getting displays for the new iPad.

Can Apple afford the wait?

The likelihood of the rumour being true is strong and it further confirms the appearance of a super-sized iPad. Will it be enough for Apple to help its flagging iPad sales? The super-sizing of its iPhones seems to have helped volume-wise but will a super-sized iPad really be what consumers want?

Right now, just from the recent Mobile World Conference, a whole plethora of alternative tablets have shown up and it's likely that Windows tablets might soon prove an even better alternative to both Android and iOS tablets.

Cheap Windows tablets are already on sale, offering the flexibility of installing full-fledged Windows programs and with Windows RT in its twilight period, the iPad's days could soon, too, be numbered with the iPhone 6 Plus likely contributing to that demise.

[Source: Bloomberg, Pics: Funky Space Monkey]