iPad 5 and iPhone 5C cases get caught on video

Someone call a plumber - Apple's got a double iLeak
iPad 5 and iPhone 5S cases get caught on video

Partially assembled iPad 5 and iPhone 5C cases have leaked online, showing off what could be the soulless shells of Apple's next-gen iDevices.

These rumours are, as always, best taken with a few spoonfuls of salt. So bearing that in mind, let's get stuck in shall we?

iPad 5

iPad 5 and iPhone 5S cases get caught on video

This brief 30 second video by Japanese site Mac Otakara shows off a genuine-looking iPad 5 case, minus the electrical internals and screen. 

At first glance its transparent rear Apple logo seems a little odd considering that current iPads have black ones. Not to mention there was another supposed iPad 5 case leaked by FanaticFone last week which had a contradictory silver rear Apple logo.

But watching the video again suggests that the logo is actually a cut-out, leaving space for a black or silver Apple logo to be glued into place.

It could also be a pre-production prototype which doesn't represent the final finish either way, so we'll have to wait and see till September – when the iPad 5 is expected to be officially unveiled. 

iPhone 5C

iPad 5 and iPhone 5S cases get caught on video

The second video showing off the budget iPhone 5C is a little more promising as it matches up with previous videos of Apple's cheaper iPhone, with an all-plastic white rear and black front panel.

The iPhone 5C is expected to arrive in a selection of colours though, so those of you hoping to compliment your wardrobe need not fret.

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