iOS 8.1.2: Because vanishing ringtones is a bug that needs to be squashed and patched up

Apple’s latest iOS update focuses on making sure your purchased ringtones don’t go missing

Apple’s latest patch for iOS 8 was released earlier today to little fanfare, and for a good reason – it didn’t feel like it was resolving a pressing issue. Not that sorting an issue which involves you losing money isn't important.

All things considered, iOS 8.1.2 isn’t a major patch by the looks of it, and its main purpose looks to be addressing “a problem where ringtones purchases through the iTunes Store may have been removed from your device.” It also includes various minor bug fixes. The bottom line is, the ringtone issue is the only major issue that was explicitly documented.

Apple goes on to include a weblink for those who have been affected by the bug: they advise users to visit on their affected device to recover the missing ringtones.

Of the major issues that have been making their rounds around the interweb, the biggest ones are related to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It looks like iOS users who are still affected by Wi-Fi issues and Bluetooth bugs may have to wait a little longer for a fix.

The next significant update on the cards is iOS 8.2, something that has been on the cards for a while. It looks set to make its appearance together with the highly anticipated Apple Watch – the first Beta version was seeded about the same time as iOS 8.1.1; the big giveaway being that it included the all-important WatchKit API for the Apple Watch. You can expect that to happen during the early part of 2015.

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