Internet decides Morgan Freeman should be Mark Zuckerberg's personal Siri

Facebook CEO polled Internet users who decided no one could top the voice of God

Mark Zuckerberg's developed his very own AI and called it Jarvis. When he asked Facebook users who should voice it, the overwhelming majority decided it should be none other than Morgan Freeman.

Jarvis will now sound like God

How does Zuckerberg's AI work anyway? Think a meld of Siri and Alexa, doing such things as waking up Zuckerberg's daughter with Mandarin lessons, opening the gate for trusted visitors and of course, turning the lights on and off.

While other candidates, including Paul Bettany who voiced Jarvis in the Iron Man and Avenger movies, were also suggested, Freeman was the most popular choice.

Zuckerberg then called Freeman up and the latter agreed. Whether he's getting paid for the gig is anyone's guess but we sure hope so.

Don't expect Jarvis to be put in mass production anytime soon as Zuckerberg's endeavour was a personal project for his own family's use. But the CEO is pretty proud of what he managed to code by himself, saying his system is comparable to what Google's Home and Amazon's Alexa are capable of.

Who knows? This could just be the beginning of celebrity-voiced smart home assistants. In the meantime, stay up-to-date with us about the latest connected home tech.

[Source: Fast Company]