iDiscount: Old iPhones cheaper, but are they cheap enough for you?

Is it worth getting last year's models for cheaper or should you just wait for the latest model? We help you decide
iDiscount: Old iPhones cheaper, but are they cheap enough for you?

As expected, Apple has discounted the prices of its old iPhones in anticipation of the coming of the iPhone 6. Now does it make sense to buy the discounted models now or save your pennies instead for the latest model?

It would all really depend on things like your budget and your needs. To be sure the outgoing models are pretty decent and not in any way bad, per se. You would certainly be better off with the iPhone 5c instead of the phased out iPhone 4s, for instance.

Is the latest the best for you?

iDiscount: Old iPhones cheaper, but are they cheap enough for you?

If you’re really skint then you could consider the iPhone 5c for RM1,499. To be honest though 8GB really isn’t enough storage for a phone and for that amount of money you could get an Android phone for much better specs and twice the capacity.

Moving on there’s the option of the iPhone 5s for either RM1,999 (16GB) or RM2,199 (32GB). While 32GB is nice, it’s not essential unless you’re the type that takes lots of photos or brings around a lot of music. But if you think RM200 extra is worth the additional 16GB of space, by all means go for it.

Since the latest iPhones are going to arrive soon and are available for preorder in Singapore, let’s look at the current prices:

iPhone 6: S$988(16GB), S$1,148 (64GB), S$1,288 (128GB)

iPhone 6 Plus: S$1,148 (16GB), S$1,288(64GB)S$1,448 (128GB)

If we follow Apple’s usual playbook, it’s likely that Malaysian prices will be RM100-200 cheaper. For instance, the cheapest iPhone 6 at S$988 (RM2,499) could possibly be priced at RM2,399 or so. So the only reason to get the phone in Singapore would be to get it before your fellow Malaysians and not for a better price.

Seeing as the 16GB iPhone 6 would cost roughly the same as a 32GB iPhone 5s, you could choose the cheaper phone for more storage space or the more expensive one for better futureproofing if you plan to hold onto the phone for a long time.

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