Crossover with the Hyundai Venue

Hyundai’s latest crossover SUV is small in size and value

Hyundai debut their latest crossover SUV, the Hyundai Venue, during the New York Auto Show 2019 which was held recently. The automaker aims to deliver advanced features found in their current cars into a smaller, entry-level priced package with the Venue.

The Venue is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, and is about five inches shorter than their current SUV, the Hyundai Kona. It’s relatively small and convenient for an urban dweller, especially when parking is the primary concern (this should apply to most of us). The vehicle will be available in two transmission variants: Smartstream IVT (Intelligent Variable Transmission) or six-speed manual transmission.

Interior-wise, the Venue includes an 8-inch infotainment display with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, optional navigation system, dual-charging USB, and even remote access support from Amazon Echo or Google Home. An option to include a power sunroof is also available if that suits your fancy.

The Venue will feature a variety of necessary tech for traffic and driver safety when on the road. These include forward collision avoidance, lane keeping assistance, blind spot monitoring, driver attention warnings, and rear collision cross-traffic warnings.

While no official price has been revealed, Hyundai claims that the Venue will be it’s most affordable vehicle when it goes on sale in Q4 of 2019. The company has not made any announcement of local availability in Malaysia just yet.