Huawei's latest concept phone promises to be Magic

Huawei is trying to do a Xiaomi with its latest semi-exclusive smartphone

Looks like we will have to expect a whole series of concept phones, judging from Huawei's releasing a concept phone following in Xiaomi's trail.

Curvy screen, anyone?

Let's get the bad news out of the way: it's only going to be sold in China. But as with Xiaomi's Mi Max, grey importers will probably pick it up and make it available for a slightly marked up price.

Alas, it isn't the funky game changer that was rumoured but specs-wise it's not bad at all. The Honor Magic has a 5.09in 2K AMOLED curved screen. Think the Samsung Galaxy series curved screens, alongside a 3D-curved glass body.

But specs-wise, it uses the Kirin 950, not exactly a new processor alongside 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and the same camera as the Honor 8: 12MP dual-lens rear camera and 8MP front camera.

What sets it apart is the tweaks Huawei has dones to the software. The phone includes what Huawei boasts as intelligent sensor and recognition technology. There's face recognition software in FaceCode - only showing notifications to pre-registered faces,  and a WiseScreen sensor that unlocks the phone when you pick it up and look at it, locking it again when you put it down or in a pocket.

The phone also features Honor Magic Live - a system that will offer predictive information that will trigger recommendations. Say you talk about movies and the phone will recommend you related information. Smart Display will also retrieve and display practical information, such as displaying your driver's license plate when ordering a cab.

The Honor Magic also incorporates Huawei Magic Power - it recharges batteries to 70 per cent in 20 minutes, and 40 per cent in 10 minutes.

It'll be interesting to see if Huawei incorporates the tech in future phones moving forward. To get the privilege of trying the phone out, you can try and score one via your favourite grey importers or see if someone in China can pay the RMB3699 (RM2400) on your behalf for one.

In the meantime check out our Honor 8 review.