A Million Huawei Smartphones With HongMeng OS Has Been Shipped

These smartphones are expected to reach consumers as early as fall 2019

Chinese news website, China Daily reported that Huawei has managed to ship 1 million smartphones with its HongMeng operating system. Research and investment banking boutique Rosenblatt Securities reported that the devices were being prepared for testing but did not clarify if they are actual market-available or development products. The report also stated that the HongMeng software is compatible with all Android applications and has “increased security functions to protect personal data”.

The China Daily website then quoted Huawei’s CEO of the consumer business group, Yu Chendong, saying that the HongMeng OS is prepared to be installed on smartphones, computers, tablets, TVs, and so on. He also stated that the OS is to be expected as early as fall 2019 or latest by spring of next year.

It’s also worth noting that it was previously reported that the HongMeng OS might be shipping with Huawei’s upcoming Mate 30 smartphone this September, and may have an alternate name for its global release. Regardless, despite the current trade tension with the United States, Huawei is still going strong in its production and will sustain their products with the new OS without support from companies such as Google and Microsoft.