Huawei Has Overtaken Apple And Claims No. 2 Spot As Smartphone Maker

It was bound to happen sooner or later

It's official: Huawei has removed Apple from their no. 2 spot in smartphones to take their place in the first quarter of 2019. This is definitely a step closer in overtaking Samsung next to be top of the market. 

The Chinese company has continuously denied and shrugged off accusations that claim they're in consort with the Chinese government. But that hasn't stopped them from growing as shipments went up by 50% last year according to research firm IDC. In fact, it was the only name in the top 4 that managed to expand volumes as the overall market slid for the sixth consecutive quarter. 

Thanks to this, Huawei had been steadily gaining on Apple and Samsung with an increasingly high-end line-up of devices, particularly in its home market of China. 

The iPhone maker this week projected quarterly sales that topped analysts’ estimates, suggesting demand for iPhones has stabilised after a disappointing holiday period. Samsung has also enjoyed a spike compared with the fourth quarter thanks to the launch of the marquee S10 range in February. IDC reckons Huawei will be clinging to the No. 2 spot over the rest of 2019. 

Time will tell if they will beat Samsung in the smartphone market soon enough to be no. 1.