Huawei Forced To Close Stores Early In Singapore Due To Chaos From Huawei Y6 Pro Promo

There was a special deal on the smartphone that caused chaos

Normally when there's a great promo going on, you would expect hordes of people lining up to get their hands on the item especially in a country like Singapore. So Huawei selling the Huawei Y6 Pro for SGD$54 ~MYR163 (originally priced at SGD$198 ~MYR595) as a promotion to coincide with Singapore's 54th birthday and having people lining up for hours should be pretty much up their alley.

The problem was that it was the elderly lining up for hours in the heat and, unsurprisingly, chaos ensued.

As it turns out, the promotion was only available to those above 50 years old (as they were the generation born around Singapore's independence), and things went chaotic quickly as not only were some elderly lining up outside of stores in the heat from early morning, but the Huawei stores themselves only had a limited amount of the smartphone device available; with some claiming that the stores only had 10 units.

Even as Huawei staff did their best to inform those who lined up that the units have been sold out, they had to deal with numerous complaints from the elderly who had waited hours already and demanded they get a unit. Even one elderly woman had fainted in the chaos outside of Huawei’s Jurong Point Concept Store, where you can see a large crowd hanging around with some shouting indescernibly. It got so bad that even the Singapore police had to get involved.

As such, Huawei was forced to close all 27 of their Singapore outlets early today and issued an apology as there were no units left. But the damage doesn't stop there; whether it's a coincidence or not, there's been a spike in Carousell listing of the Huawei Y6 Pro in the last 24 hours, causing many to wonder if resellers had gotten their hands on the deal and are now making a profit.

Despite all the drama, Huawei will continue to have another promotion tomorrow for the Huawei Mate 20, which will be available for SGD$568 ~MYR1709 (originally SGD$998 ~MYR3000) though it will be a Challenger exclusive. All we can say is that after this debacle, we hope Huawei is better prepared and has enough stocks ready to cater to such demands.