Huawei Attempts To Fix Things With Singaporeans By Offering SGD$100 (~MYR300) Vouchers

This was after the debacle last week where chaos ensued at all Huawei stores in Singapore

After last week's debacle where every Huawei store in Singapore turned chaotic due to a senior citizen promotion, Huawei has not only apologised but are also looking into ways to fix the now sour relationship between the brand and Singaporean citizens. The promo last week had caused many Singaporean elderly to wait in line for hours to get their hands on a SGD$54 (~MYR162)Huawei Y6 Pro smartphone, only to discover that there were very limited units available.

As such, Huawei has now announced in an official statement on Facebook that they want to “make it right”, and will do so by giving the 5,000 customers that registered during the promotion a SGD$100 (~MYR300) voucher for any Huawei smartphones. Individuals that registered can expect to be contacted within 2 weeks from the 2nd of August 2019. You can see this comes with a high cost for Huawei as with this voucher, the Y6 Pro would only cost SGD$48 (~MYR144) - cheaper than the promo price. All in all, the entire reconciliatory measure should cost them around SG$500,000 (~MYR1.5 million).

The Chinese tech giant also explained that the “poor consumer experience” for the initial campaign was due to an underestimation of the overall demand, while Huawei also said, “We had set out to create an offer at an affordable value for our respected senior citizens of our country but instead have caused upset among many. We are truly sorry for all the distress that was caused and we will be sure to be more mindful of our plans in the future.”

Lesson learnt, Huawei.