Stream PC Content Wirelessly With HTC’s Viveport Streaming

A whole new way to enjoy VR through Wifi alone.

Virtual reality has had a steady incline of innovation and upgrades; gone are the days of bulky headsets and now VR headsets are lighter than ever. One thing that has been holding VR back has been the wired connection that needs to be made between the headset and PC, with wireless VR headsets typically having latency issues. HTC is making a huge update for their products to alleviate this issue.

With their new Viveport Streaming feature, HTC’s line of wireless headsets, like the Vive Focus Plus, will have seamless content streaming as long as you have a strong 5.0 HZ Wifi signal. This upgrade will come as a free update to Viveport Infinity subscribers in the coming months. Viveport Infinity is HTC’s version of a VR-based subscription service; think of it like a VR Netflix that gives you access to games and other features.

Through this new feature, you can now seamlessly stream videos and games onto the Vive headset; as long as both the headset and PC it is connecting to are logged into the user’s Viveport Infinity account. From there you can enjoy up to 2,000 virtual reality games, and play them anytime you like. 


The future of virtual reality seems pretty bright, and if seamless connectivity through Wifi becomes commonplace, we can definitely start seeing more applications of VR in education, business and more. A subscription to Viveport Infinity will cost around MYR 400, so VR owners can check it out before the wide release of the Viveport Streaming later this year.