HTC’s going to launch a tech device, and it’s coming real soon

All we know for now is that HTC’s up to something in New York on 8 October
HTC’s going to launch a tech device, and it’s coming real soon

It’s official – HTC’s planning to take the wraps off a tech device in the coming weeks – 8 October to be exact – in New York City. But it’s keeping mum on what exactly it’s intending to launch.

The Taiwanese manufacturer’s sent out a bunch of invites for a mystery press event with nothing else on the invite except the words “double exposure” and a black-and-white image of two women taking a selfie.

Considering the selfie act going on, it could be possible that it’s launching a new smartphone that’s upped the ante on its camera – possibly one that has an improved front-facing snapper with photography centric capabilities.

Is it hat HTC’s launching the One (M9) in response to the One (M8) fading away from the spotlight? And could this purported device be the one to showcase a photography grade smartphone?

Or maybe, HTC could have made the one last Nexus tablet before Google halts the range in lieu of a new "wave of Android Silver hardware and software standards". Leaks point towards the device having 4GB of RAM, a 64-bit processor, and (wait for it) an 8MP camera. 

It’s still too early for us to tell.   

Added bonus reveal

But if we try and decipher the words “double exposure” on its own, it could that mean that there’ll be two devices launched. We’re going to take a stab in the dark and say there might be a smartwatch announcement too.

Industry people have also been suggesting that it could also be HTC’s shelved smartwatch. Just last month, a design video leak from the company (on its YouTube channel) showed a square watch face – move your cursor to the 35 and 43 second mark of the video to see it.

But in more recent times, rumour has it that HTC canned the plan. Could it have revived it after learning it’s one of the last few left to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon?

We’ll be live at the event, so you’ll be one of the first few to know what exactly HTC’s got in store for us. 

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[Source: GSM Arena