Hotlink and Grab team up to help Malaysians catch up on Pokémon GO

PokeMobile rides will send you to nearby PokéStops

It seems Pokémon Go could be arriving really soon, seeing as how a Malaysian server for the game was spotted recently. Maxis is also getting in on the year's biggest mobile craze with a collaboration with Grab, PokéMobile, offering rides to your nearest PokéStops.

The best thing about the Pokémobile promo is that the rides are free, and will be offered from 10 am to 7 pm on dates yet to be confirmed. Hotlink will also be ready for Pokémon Go fans when the game arrives; trainers who are also Hotlink customers will get US$100 (RM400) worth of PokéCoins via Hotlink Cash Online. While the promo is certainly exciting, the reality is there are still no known dates for the game's release in the country.

This seems a pretty clever way for Hotlink to encourage its subscribers to make mobile online purchases, though the recent controversy over the latest Pokémon Go updates has made a lot of players unhappy. The buggy 'footsteps' feature that indicated just how far a player had to walk to the nearest Pokémon has apparently been removed, making it harder to locate a Pokémon more precisely.

As of today, besides Japan, Asian countries have yet to see the game launch officially. Indonesia, however, has seen some of its locations unblocked though the game is not officially available for download in the App Store or Google Play there.  We'll keep you updated once the game officially launches here and the Pokémon Go madness begins.

[Source: Amanz]