Here's Why Your Twitter Timeline On Desktop Has Changed

There's some good in the changes to look forward to!

If you've gone on Twitter today on your desktop, you would have noticed instantly that the entire format of Twitter's timeline has changed immensely. Trends are now on the right side, all your important links have moved left, and just the overall look and feel is no longer the same.

If you're wondering why Twitter has fixed something that isn't broken, well, it looks like the changes were done to make it more similar to the mobile version. Not only is it similar in looks, you can also personalise your timeline further with different display colours or even your preferred dark mode. An “explore” feature was also added to the website, which the company is expected to serve up more live video and local “moments” based on where users are at any given time. 

“We are starting to roll out a new – a refreshed and updated website that is faster, easier to navigate and more personalised,” the Twitter team said in an online post. “The site has an updated look and feel that is more consistent with the Twitter you see on other devices.” 

The changes were also done to ramp up engagement while also managing abusive content. While Twitter remains popular among political figures and celebrities, the company has failed to keep pace with social networks such as Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram, which have much larger user bases. 

Now all we need is that edit button, Twitter. Come on. No one needs to see what auto correct did to my entirely innocent sentence.