Google's tweaking the Play store and it's about time

Instant Apps, that let you try before you install, also make an appearance

Google's tweaked its Play store, introducing, among other things, Instant Apps.

Instant gratification

There'll be a revamped Editor's Choice section, that is now live in 17 countries. But the most interesting new addition, if you ask us, is the Instant Apps that made an appearance at Google's I/O developer conference last year.

These are so named because you can run them without installing the app on your phone, allowing you to get a taste of the app's functionality before committing to a download. This comes via a 'Try It Now' button, which you just have to tap for a go at the app. It's worth noting though, that the apps available on trial at the moment are free apps anyhow, and a very small selection that includes the NYTimes Crossword, BuzzFeed and Skyscanner.

Games also get a tweaked section that will see upcoming categories for Premium games, as well as upcoming and trending games. Also expect to see trailers and gameplay screenshots in the new revamp.

Apple has overhauled its own App Store, so it makes sense that Google wanted to follow suit. Let's hope there'll also be app sales as the year-end approaches.

[Source: Techcrunch]