Google updates Glass with SMS for iOS and adds Calendar app for Glassware

Apple users will soon be able to see texts on their Glass, but can't reply due to iOS restrictions
Google updates Glass with SMS for iOS and adds Calendar app for Glassware

If you were one of the lucky ones who were able to score Google’s funky Glass eyewear, then prepare yourself for more updates. A pretty notable one is coming later this week, which will be particularly useful for iOS users.

People using an iPhone will now be able to read their texts on a Glass, though this feature has already been available for Android users for some time now. There's only one little catch - the texts will be read-only, no replying allowed.

Google says this is due to the restrictions on iOS, and not because they’ve got a grudge against you Apple fans.

More Glassware

The most significant software update for Glass so far is its upgrade to Android KitKat, and Google promises that it will continue to bring faster updates.

For iOS users on Glass, just go to your Bluetooth settings and turn on “Show Notifications” for your Glass. Doing so will then show your texts as notifications though you will not be able to reply.

You can find also the Calendar app under the Glassware tab in MyGlass. By turning it on, you can see your agenda to the left of the home screen. This time, though, you can make changes to calendar cards just by tapping them and you can have the option of changing the following details: time, title, location and RSVP. You can also just delete or dismiss the event if needed.

Google did not give a formal ETA besides saying to stay tuned in a few days, which means updates are likely before the end of the week.

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[Source: TheNextWeb]