Google Trips travel app will make vacation planning a breeze

All your itineraries in one place, and loads more

Instantly plan and organize your trips, automatically discover new sights, and effortlessly track your travel info — that’s what this new travel app from Google promises.

And if you’ve ever tried planning a holiday of any kind, you’re probably aware of what a nightmare it can be to collect information from multiple sources both on and offline, compile them together, print them out, then put them all in a document folder which you’ll inevitably leave behind in the cab on the way to the airport. We can relate.

Right off the bat, Google Trips scores points for taking the legwork out of planning and collating, by bundling your key information all in one place for easy reference. It organizes your trip based on flight itineraries, hotel reservations and other travel info you’ve saved in Gmail. And you don’t even have to do it manually — the app scans your account, pulls the relevant information, and creates a new “Trip” which you can then go on to customize.

Not just a glorified travel binder, the app can also make suggestions for your trip. Through a combination of data pulled from Google Maps and crowdsourced contributions from other travelers, Trips can show you the most popular day plans and itineraries for the top 200 cities worldwide. There are also suggestions for attractions around your area and food and drink recommendations.

Once you’ve sorted out your itinerary, Trips helps you keep track of your day and sends notifications for your next appointment or reservation, even factoring in travel time.

You can also update your trip anytime to rearrange your journey or add in an extra couple of hours, where the app can recommend cool things to do nearby that save you from commuting too far. It’s like having a personal assistant along with you on holiday, to remind you when and where to have fun.

Lost in a sleepy town somewhere in South America that looks like it’s never seen a router let alone a Wi-Fi signal? No problem, all your travel plans on Trips are downloadable and stored offline, so you can access them anytime without incurring obscene data charges.

Google Trips is live now on Android and iOS.