It’s Easier To Find Games On The Google Play Store Now

All thanks to a new visual redesign of the app.

The Google Play Store is one of the biggest digital storefronts for video games, and is easily accessible by any Android device. It also accessible to many developers, which can lead to a glut in the storefront, an overabundance of games and apps as you load up the app. Google is giving the Play Store a makeover to make the searching of games a lot easier.

As revealed by a blog post from the Google Play Store’s Design Lead, Boris Valusek, the visual redesign of the Play Store is looking to provide users with a cleaner and neater experience when it comes to browsing for apps and games. This also provides the Google Play Store with a much more premium look to the overall experience.

This updated user interface introduces a new navigation bar at the bottom of the Play Store on mobile devices, as well as a new left navigation tab on tablets and Chrome OS. To make things easier for browsing, there are now two distinct destinations for games and apps. From there, games and apps will also have updated store listing page layouts, which will also be updated with new icons, as well as clearer app information at the top of each page and a more prominent call-to-action button. 


This new redesign is sure to help out their 2 billion users to get a better grip on where to get the best games and apps that Android has to offer. Update your Google App Store right now to enjoy a better browsing experience.