GIGABYTE AERO 15 And AORUS 15 Series Arrives In Malaysia 15 July; Price And Specs Revealed

This time targeting not just on gamers, but content creators as well

After months of anticipation since CES 2019, GIGABYTE's AERO and AORUS series will finally be making its way to Malaysian shores. The AERO 15 Classic line-up series will be targeting content creators  such as video editors, graphic designers and more; while the AORUS line-up will be targeting gamers.

Catering content creators

GIGABYTE's Vice President, Mr. Steven Chen, understands there's a need for powerful laptops that cater to content creators such asvideo editors, graphic designers, photographers and even 3D & Motion Graphics artists. Gaming laptops are usually the preferred choice as they pack a lot of power. But it still comes packed in plenty of RGB lighting and colours that are unnecessary for them.

With that in mind, Chen believes that content creators are a nuche that reflects the brand's value and proposition for quality products. "Content creators today have to take on a responsive and adaptable role when it comes to communication with their fans," he said. "Having the ability to educate, entertain and express stories are crucial in building a loyal and expansive following. With our latest Aero 15 Classic, Gigabyte aims to redefine the future laptop market by creating products that best fit content creaters that [...] can help create a new wave of Brilliant Creators with the support of powerful and high-quality devices from GIGABYTE."

AERO 15 Classic

The AERO 15 Classic notebook comes with an array of premium components, including the top-notch 9th Gen Intel Core i9 processor, as well as an 8-core processor that is capable of up to a 5.0GHz clock speed. This translates to a 25% performance score increase compared to its predecessor.

Partnering with tech giants Intel and Microsoft, AERO 15 Classic was built with the "All Intel Inside" concept, making it the world's first AI enabled high-performance laptop series. The automatic AI detecs and learns based on a user's work habits, constantly switching power between the CPU and GPU to assist users in experiencing the best performance without impending their needs.

The AERO 15 Classic also comes with a 94Wh large battery that provides up to 8 hours of battery life to enhance work performance. As for graphic cards, the AERO 15 Classic comes with the latest GeForce RTX 20 series GPU that supports Real Time Ray Tracing, deep learning technology (DLSS) and NVIDIA Adaptive Shading (NAS).

Among other premium components include an Intel 760p SSD, Thunderbolt 3 port, Intel based Killer 1550 Wi-Fi adapter, AUO 4k screen, Sharp IGZO 240Hz panel, LG for 144Hz FHD panels, Samsung for memory modules, Killer Qi-Fi chip, X-Rite Pantone, and Nahimic 3 sound technology.

Starting price for the AERO 15 Classic is MYR 6,999.

AORUS range for gamers

GIGABYTE also introduced AORUS laptops as the gaming product line. This includes the AORUS 5, AORUS 7 and AORUS 15. The highlight being the AORUS 15, which was introduced as the best performance laptop under 1 inch, which its 3D scores is in the lead among others. These slim notebooks use the same WINDFORCE Technology. This means better thermal dissipation to boost performance while maintaining and aesthetically pleasing design.

The AORUS 15 comes with a 240Hz planel option for those seeking better visual gaming experience. For mainstream gamers, there's the AORUS 5 and AORUS 7 that comes with the LG IPS 144Hz panel and Samsung for memory modules, Killer Wi-Fi adapter, NAHIMIC sound technology, Intel SSD and the NVIDIA graphics processor.

The AORUS 15, AORUS 5 and AORUS 7 comes with a starting price of MYR 6,399, MYR4,999 and MYR 5,199 respectively.

There will also be the AERO 15 OLED to look out for but more details on that will only be available next month.

Both the AERO and AORUS product lines are targeted to be available in Malaysia by the 15th of July through selected distrubtorship and dealers.