Fully Charged: Tesla’s upcoming reveal, Nest bug brings chills, and Noodoe turns to crowdfunding

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Tesla teases new product reveal

Tesla Motors has something big on the horizon, and this time, it’s not a new car. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, tweeted yesterday that a “major new Tesla product line - not a car” will be unveiled on 30 April at the company’s Hawthorne Design Studio.

What could it be? Well, the answer may likely be a large battery that can be used to power a home or small business. Musk actually talked about that last month, saying an announcement would come soon and that production could begin within months. Of course, with Tesla’s smarts and funding, it might be something else that’ll totally surprise us. Whatever the case, you have our attention once more, Mr. Musk.

[Source: Twitter]

Nest bug sends chills down UK owners’ spines

British Standard Time might’ve jumped the clock ahead an hour, but Nest’s Learning Thermostat didn’t get the message - at least not all of it. While the time changed on the smart thermostats, the schedules for UK users didn’t shift alongside it, causing them to turn up the heat in users’ homes later than usual in the morning.

Nest says the chilly surprise only yielded a few complaints from users, and a fix is still in the works - although one intrepid Nest owner claims that switching the device location to Belgium can sort out the problem in the meantime. Smart thinking; smarter than the thermostat's, at least.

[Source: The Next Web]

Noodoe Watch planning crowdfunding campaign

Last month, we took an exclusive first look at the Noodoe Watch, a cheap, customisable band due out this summer (or about three months after the Apple Watch ships). And now we have an idea of how interested buyers will first be able to get their hands on it.

Noodoe says that it will launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in May, and in the meantime, the company has debuted a #DoodleYourNoodoe initiative. The first 2015 people to post a watch face doodle using a provided template will prompt Noodle to donate US$1 to UNICEF to help improve children’s literacy in their honour.

[Source: Noodoe]

Batman animated movie brings back classic stars

Big fan of the Dark Knight’s animated efforts, or perhaps the iconic TV series from the 1960s? You’re in luck, as original actors for the latter, Adam West and Burt Ward, have been recruited to provide voice acting for a feature-length cartoon movie due out next year. That’s all we really know for now; hopefully it’s as wondrously campy as the old live-action series. Fingers crossed.

[Source: The A.V. Club]