Fully Charged: Leaked Fitbit Surge is a fitness-minded smartwatch, custom PS4 laptop is a thing of beauty, and new Mac Mini's RAM can't be upgraded

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Leaked Fitbit Surge marketing materials

Upcoming Fitbit Surge leaks

Based on leaked marketing materials obtained by The Verge, Fitbit is planning to launch a smartwatch. The Fitbit Surge - first leaked this summer - is billed as a “superwatch,” and it’s a fitness-centric device with constant heart-rate monitoring, as well as independent GPS tracking and sleep tracking.

It’ll apparently also have simple phone notifications and music control with a paired smartphone, but the Fitbit Surge doesn’t seem to be as comprehensive a smartwatch experience as its biggest competitors. And it’ll be priced similarly to those devices at US$250 (about RM818).

But for fitness buffs who want everything concentrated in a wearable, the Fitbit Surge could be an ideal option. And Fitbit has a couple of other bands due out soon, as we saw in other leaked marketing documents that surfaced last week.

[Source: The Verge]

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Behold the custom PlayStation 4 laptop

Want a semi-portable PlayStation 4 “laptop” with a 22in screen that you can take anywhere? It’ll only cost you US$1395 (about RM4564) - or US$1095 (about RM3582) if you send your own PS4 console. Modder Edward Zarick created the so-called PlayBook 4 after previously concocting the similar Xbook One with Microsoft’s console, and he’s taking orders for anyone who wants one custom-made.

Check out the above video for an overview of the modified console from Zarick himself, and click the link below for more details and ordering info.

[Source: Ed’s Junk via Joystiq]

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New Mac Mini lacks upgradeable RAM

Apple Mac Mini

Planning to snag a new Mac Mini? Just a heads-up that it appears that the latest version has RAM that cannot be easily upgraded, reports Macrumors. As such, you’ll need to pay Apple a hefty fee to upgrade up to 16GB, if desired. It seems that the new Mac Mini has a replaceable hard drive, at least, although it might void the warranty.

[Source: Macrumors]

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