Fully Charged: Android camera getting a boost and LG G Flex’s self-healing put to the test

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Android camera

Major Android camera update coming soon?

Some interesting news for anyone who’s disappointed by the camera quality on Google’s Nexus devices (and that’s probably most people with a Nexus device): the company is working on a new camera API for Android.

The update, which Google has apparently been working on for almost a year but couldn’t finish in time for the launch of Android 4.4 KitKat, will add a clutch of new features such as burst mode shooting, face detection and RAW capture (currently, no phone is able to capture RAW images). There’s no confirmation that it’ll actually improve the quality of the JPEGs turned out by Android cameras, but we live in hope.

Some of the above features may be available on your Android phone, but they’re third-party additions bolted on, not native to the camera API.

One other interesting nugget: the API reportedly adds support for a removeable camera. A hint that modular Android devices (see Motorola’s Project Ara) may be on the way? [Source: Ars Technica]

The most thrilling pieces of cutlery we’ve seen this week

The most thrilling pieces of cutlery we’ve seen this week

Cutlery isn’t normally very exciting is it? Occasionally your heart may flutter when the waiter replaces your normal knife with a steak knife, but really that’s about it. Until now. Because you can now buy a fork and spoon that you can flick out like a butterfly knife.

There’s actually no knife in the set (presumably because such implements are banned in many countries), but the ability to flip out your morning cereal spoon like a gang member from an early 90s action movie? That’s got to be worth the US$13 (£8) asking price. [Source: ThinkGeek via Gizmodo]

Watch the LG G Flex heal itself

One of the most intriguing things about the LG G Flex (aside from its curved screen and bendy body) is the claim that it can ‘heal’ itself from scratches on the casing. Does it work? This video gets to the bottom of its mystical regenerative powers – or lack of them… [Source: Pocket-lint