Fossil Q Motion fitness tracker channels its inner Misfit

Borrows plenty from the Misfit Ray, keeps watch while you're asleep

Why settle for a style-deficient smartwatch? Fossil’s latest fitness tracker has slick looks that you won’t mind showing off.

The simple yet stylish Q Motion is Fossil’s first wearable for 2016, and the company’s first to track your sleep as well as how much you move during the day.

The cylindrical tracker was revealed at SXSW, and borrows a lot of its look from Misfit - the company Fossil bought late last year.

In fact, the Q Motion looks an awful lot like the Misfit Ray. Both are bracelet-style wearables without screens that keep an eye on your activity levels, with a chunky and eye-catching cylinder bolted to a more subtle strap.

Both have LEDs that light up when your phone gets a notification and a vibration motor for silent alarms. Fossil lets you choose which apps make it from phone to wearable, though, which gives it a small lead over the Misfit.

Both bracelets have coin cell batteries inside, which doesn’t just mean all-day battery life - you’ll be able to go up to six months between replacements.

They even have similar “smart tap” gestures, which make your phone do certain jobs like snap a selfie, play music or find your phone when you’ve lost it.

The Q Motion has the edge over the Q Founder and Q Grant smartwatches, and the Q Reveler tracker, thanks to sleep tracking. Otherwise, it’s a fairly simple fitness band that puts style firmly over substance.

The Q Motion is going on sale later this summer for US$95 (almost RM400).

[source: Fossil]