Final Fantasy XIII goes mobile in Japan

The game is streamed from the cloud to your mobile

While the Final Fantasy mobile ports of older games in the franchise are now app store mainstays, it looks like Square Enix will take a new tack. No big app downloads - instead, it is streaming Final Fantasy XIII from the cloud to your smartphone.

Streaming, not downloading

Right now, Square Enix is charging users 2,000 yen for the privilege of playing the game on smartphones. But you need to live in Japan and have a really high-speed connection. The first 30 minutes is free.

Final Fantasy XIII sold over a million units in Japan on its first day of sales, and one of Square Enix's more popular titles in the franchise.

Right now, what Square Enix is doing mirrors what Sony is doing with PlayStation 3 games but for only Sony devices. Will Sony also try to make the transition to stream content to devices outside of its ecosystem?

[Source: Techcrunch]