FedEx Sues US Government Due To Huawei Restrictions

According to FedEx, the trade wars created an "impossible burden"

After reports on how FedEx rejected a delivery of a Huawei smartphone was brought to light, it looks like FedEx is fighting back by blaming the US government instead.

While the company did apologise for what had occured, it looks like the restrictions due to the trade wars created an "impossible burden" for delivery firms to police the millions of shipments that transit our network every day - or else they have to pay heavy fines.

According to FedEx, it was impossible for employees to determine "the origin and technological make-up of contents of all the shipments it handles and whether they comply with" US laws. The statement was released after China confronted FedEx over how they handle Huawei products and devices. The company is now under investigation in China for failing to deliver some of Huawei's parcels, with the Chinese company saying it would review its ties to FedEx.

FedEx CEO Fred Smith told US broadcaster Fox News that "Huawei is just emblematic of this problem", referring to what he described as the "confusing situations" that can emerge when employees sought to comply with the restrictions.

"Under the Department of Commerce's regulations, we are expected to be the policeman for these export and import controls," he said.

"Despite the fact that we handle 15 million shipments a day, if we make an error on any one of them ... we can be fined US$250,000 per piece."