Facebook's Moments app shares photos only with people who actually want them

This will help stop friends from unfriending you over too many baby/cat/wedding photos

Yes, we know your newborn and cat are extremely precious to you but maybe putting all those photos of them up on Facebook isn't a great idea. Facebook has the solution: presenting the Moments app, that helps you share photos with only the friends who would want them.

Moments groups photos based on where they were taken and even recognises who are in them. Then you can share those photos only with said friends and you can have all your photos together in one place, on one app instead of displaying them all on Facebook.

This is perfect for when you have multiple friends who may all have different privacy tolerances - like the friend who insists you never tag her on anything versus the friend who would post pictures of herself in the loo if she could.

You can grab Moments free from the App Store or Google Play.

[Source: Facebook]