Facebook really wants you to use their Messenger app

Chat function on Facebook mobile to be removed, will only be available via the standalone app
Facebook chat on mobile removed, to make you download standalone Messenger app

Facebook announced a major change to its mobile app — it is going to remove chat and make you download its standard Messenger app if you want to talk to your Facebook friends. We're not exactly sure what Facebook is trying to do here, especially as itos disconveniencing users by making them download two separate apps for a complete Facebook experience.

One more app

Facebook really wants you to use their Messenger app

This change is not as yet fully live, with only European consumers so far getting notice that they've got two weeks before pressing Messages on their Facebook app boots them out to Messenger.

However, if you're lucky enough to have access to Facebook's alternative app, Paper, then you'll still have messaging in-app available.

The only exceptions to this feature change are lower-end Androids and Windows Phone and tablet users. They'll still be able to use messaging from within the Facebook app.

Facebook seems keen to position its app as an alternative to other chat apps out there, especially now it has added voice calls. But would Facebook users really eschew other messaging (with voice) apps like Line or WeChat? In this case, Facebook seems to be trying to gain users not enamoured with WhatsApp's basic features, and are after more fun (with stickers!) as well as free voice calls.

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