Is this the end of bad Apple headphones?

A self-adjusting, noise-cancelling patent makes it look that way
apple earpods

It may soon be time to bid farewell to plastic, noise-bleeding Apple earbuds and say hello to self-adjusting, noise cancelling earphones.

An Apple patent has come to light for a set of earbuds that adjusts to suit ears of all shapes and sizes.

Apple g-ear

Using complicated current, acoustic and microphone measurements, the buds track variations in the seal with your ear canal, compensating when the seal's broken to deliver optimal audio quality. That means they should sound amazing – theoretically anyway.

While the patent was filed in 2013, we wouldn’t expect to see this level of tech in an Apple accessory anytime soon. DisplaySearch analyst Paul Grey points out, “Apple must be careful not to invade or choke off its accessories market – they’ve never made great headphones or accessories.” This may change, though, following the release of Apple’s EarPods with the iPhone 5 – which were actually pretty good. Listen to this space.

[Source: AppleInsider]