Durian Powerbanks Are The Next Big Thing In Technology

Unlimited durian power!

A reality where you can eat as much durian as you want and feel good about it is coming soon. A University in Sydney had recently developed a method that turns our very beloved (and maybe hated to some) fruit into an alternative form of energy storage, which means we may, in the future, get powerbanks made out of durians.

By utilising durian waste, and even jackfruit waste, researchers from the University of Sydney managed to create a non-toxic, non-hazardous process to create energy stores known as super capacitors. These super-capacitors are energy stores that smoothly release energy and can quickly take in large amounts of energy that is then used to charge electronic devices.

To put it simply, yes, durian can be made into a powerbank. In fact, durian powerbanks can be seen as a low-cost alternative way to store energy especially since it won't contribute to global warming by utilising fossil fuels.

You can read more about this interesting research here, and we have to give it to the Australians who aren't used to durians for their amazing work in making this discovery, especially on a fruit that has a general unpopularity in their country. Hopefully in the future we will actually be seeing Malaysian companies proudly coming up with their own durian powerbanks as I'm sure we have plenty of durian waste to make them.