Dropbox now lets you edit your Microsoft Word files online

Rather than push OneDrive, Microsoft's surrendered to Dropbox's popularity

Microsoft is gunning to get more people using Office who aren't already. It has partnered with Dropbox to further extend its current integration by letting users edit Office Online files from their browser and save them directly on Dropbox.

So where's OneDrive

Previously this was only extended to Dropbox Business users, but to even extend this to regular consumers is a bold and smart move for both Dropbox and Microsoft to attract more paying customers.

Word, PowerPoint and Excel files saved in Drobox can now be edited directly from your browser, without the need for the desktop software. Any changes made will be saved back to Dropbox.

Users with an Office 365 license and Dropbox Basic and Pro users can start utilising the feature today.

It's an interesting development that Microsoft Office is opening up instead of trying to lock people into using OneDrive, despite its increasing the quota for its own cloud service. Looks like the next version of Office might be something to look forward to.

[Source: TNW]