Don't cry, Disney fans: Beauty and the Beast Malaysian screenings cancelled

Rumours that a character's sexual orientation might be behind it

Alas, it seems Beauty and the Beast might never sing and dance its way into Malaysia.

According to Star Online reporter Nicholas Cheng, Disney Malaysia has confirmed the film's Malaysian premiere has been cancelled.

Heartbroken kiddies, ahoy

The cause behind the ban? Malaysian censorship is unhappy that one of the supporting characters is gay.

While apparently an appeal is being lodged, Beauty and the Beast screenings will likely not go on. The movie was supposed to air 16 March in Malaysia, but a quick check of the TGV and GSC websites show that the film's screening times have all been removed.

As some moviegoers might have purchased tickets in advance, they would be wise to contact the cinemas they brought tickets from to process refunds. With screenings starting this Thursday, it's unlikely that the dates will be adhered to. What could probably happen is that if Disney wins an appeal, the film will show at a much later date.

If you're feeling disappointed, then take heart. At least the animated version (which critics say is still superior to the live action remake) is still around and here's a list of other movies you can look forward to instead.