Digi offers you free data with your reloads

The catch? You need to redeem it by dialing *888*1#

The telco wars aren't getting any less heated this year it seems. Digi is now offering up free data each time you reload, though you'll need to put in (a little) extra effort.

For RM10 reloads, you get 300MB free, for RM20 it's 750MB and for RM30 above you get RM1.5GB extra. A pretty sweet deal right? Well there's just one thing. To redeem your free data, you'll have to key in the following numerals:  *888*1#

It's likely Digi is making customers opt-in for the free data instead of automatically handing it out with each reload. Perhaps because it'd be too much of a burden on its systems but since keying in a few numbers shouldn't be a big deal, then a little extra screen tapping for more data shouldn't be a problem for most Digi subscribers.

[Source: Digi]