Digi Uses VR Tech To Help Stroke Patient For Hari Raya

When Virtual Reality technology fuels determination

In a season of reflection, gratitude and coming together during Hari Raya, Digi becomes a force for good by connecting both digital technology and the human spirit.


In collaboration with Motiofixio and Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), the video released by Digi shows how willpower together with Virtual Reality (VR) technology and connectivity to the internet has enabled a man to gradually recover from a stroke.


UiTM rehabilitation specialist Associate Professor Dr Fazah Hanapiah along with her brother, Fariz Hanapiah from Motiofixio, incorporated VR Technology to gamify physiotherapy. The purpose is to encourage patients to move and do physiotherapy from the comfort and convenience of their home.


In the case for Md Zin, this Medical Rehabilitation VR (MRVR) was brought to his home in Sungkai, Perak and proved a massive boon to him and his family as it eliminated the need for them to travel over 100km just to attend physiotherapy sessions at UiTM. With the connectivity of the internet provided by Digi to power the MRVR, Md Zin is slowly recovering and is able to fulfil his wish to perform “solat,” again for Hari Raya.


The MRVR is currently in research prototype stage and will soon be accessible to all in need with the help of the internet.


What do you think of this inspiring video the human spirit overcoming adversity with the help of technology? What other applications can this tech be used for? Let us know in the comments down below!