Despite hiccups, WhatsApp reaches 700m user mark

Perhaps things had to get worse before they got much better for the popular chat app
Despite hiccups, WhatsApp reaches 700m user mark

Remember that outage WhatsApp suffered not long after its acquisition by Facebook? Well, it seems people have gotten over that seeing as the app has reached over 700 million users monthly. It's said that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg won't be happy until all Facebook's apps reach the magic 1 billion mark and looking at this app's growth, it's still possible it'll reach it sooner than later.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum shared the good news via, of course, a Facebook post. Koum also added that the app's users send over 30 billion messages and that the people behind WhatsApp are committed to improving the app.


A good investment?

Despite hiccups, WhatsApp reaches 700m user mark

Investors weren't too thrilled with the US$19 billion Facebook paid for WhatsApp, but seeing how the app has managed to keep and grow its userbase, perhaps there'll be more optimism. The problem here is that Facebook is also competing with its own product via its Facebook messaging app.

Facebook's confusing strategy of separating its Messaging and now, Groups, as well as Pages features into separate mobile apps is making people wonder what its game is. Does the service intend to spread out its eggs rather than putting them all in one Facebook app basket? Many annoyed users have complained about having to install both the Facebook and Messaging app instead of just messaging their friends from within the Facebook app itself.

The likeliest scenario is that eventually Facebook might try and work out some cross-platform thing with WhatsApp the way it has integrated Facebook messaging with Skype and Windows messaging. Just how will Zuckerberg leverage on WhatsApp's success and keep it relevant in a space where chat apps are a dime a dozen? Stay tuned, folks.

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