CIMB Outage Continues For Almost Two Days As Customers Are Unable To Access Their Bank Accounts

Services Affected Are The bank’s Mobile App and Website.

CIMB Malaysia’s online banking service faced an outage yesterday that has yet to be resolved as of 12pm today (27 August 2019). Both the CIMB Clicks Mobile App, as well as the CIMB Clicks Website, remain inaccessible and customers attempting to log in are met with a variety of error prompts.

The last service notification announcement claimed that the technical issues should be resolved by 6am this morning (27 August). At time of writing, there were no any further updates from CIMB regarding the outage since its last notification 21 hours ago. 


Customers are not happy with the length of which the outage has gone for evident by the amount of comments that CIMB is receiving on their Facebook page.

We have tried to reach out to CIMB to understand the reason and also how long before it will be resolved but we have yet to receive any official statement regarding the outage from our point of contact.  


We would like to remind all online banking users to be patient and wait until the outage is resolved via official announcements before making any transfers to affected CIMB accounts as there are reports that fund recipients are unable to receive the transfers. 


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